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Planet Bouncy

Mega Tropical Combo: Water Slide and Bounce House all in One

Mega Tropical Combo: Water Slide and Bounce House all in One

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Bouncy house and water slide combo unit. Double your fun and entertainment in one exciting blowup. The spacious bouncing area and large slide will have kids and adults alike can’t help but look in awe.

This unit stretches out for an astonishing 32 feet. Crawl through the tunnel and start having a blast immediately jumping and bouncing. Climb up the short rock wall to get to the top of the slide. Then head down, with the built in misting system keeping the slide wet the entire time. Finally, be greeted by the splash pool at the end of the slide. Get ready to take some videos and photos to add to the memories of this amazing day.

32’ Length x 16’ Width x 15.5’ Height

Built in Misting System: Connects to a standard garden hose and keeps the slide wet at all times
No-Jump Top: Ensures that children slide in a safe manner
Enclosed Rooftop: Prevents Sun Exposure
Enclosed Tunnel Entrance: For a safe entry and exit
Finger-Safe Netting: allows an open view for proper supervision

Multiple kids can enjoy the fun and excitement, holding up to 1,080 pounds at once!
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